Love Letters

It Finally Happened

A love letter from the Father




Relax My dear, I know what you need. Things will go your way now and everything is coming into place. Believe and trust that all you need in the future will be there when you need it. There will be plenty left over to save and plenty to give to others. 


You can trust me in every way–I’m with you always and today. It’s time to remove the roots of indecision. It all starts with a decision and what you will believe. Will you choose the fear of lack or faith in an abundance?


There is no end to the provisions of My love! Take a deep breath and go all in with child-like trust. Run towards what you fear with the confidence of a kid, as you move out of a mindset of limits and into the gift of My abundance. 


I won’t leave your side or leave you feeling disappointed. See, you have nothing to fear, you are safe here with Me in the place of being endlessly loved. 


Don’t be afraid of failing, because I have already ensured your success. I have gone before you to prepare a path and I have covered you in protection from problems of the past. 


Always remember that My support is neverending, so resist the fear and lack mentality. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to be freely loved by Me and believe in the promises that I have made to be your ever-present help. 


Let go of needing everything to be perfect and go easy on yourself. Some of the most beautiful gifts will be found in the midst of imperfections. 


Believe in who I am for you! Who can be against you when I have already encouraged and approved you to do what you do? Make the decision to trust Me once and for all and praise Me in advance with a thankful heart for answering your requests. 


Start thinking and speaking of your promises fulfilled in the present tense. See the rising ocean waters and feel the mist of cool relief touching your cheeks. Imagine what it would feel like to have them done and open your heart to receive them as real. 


See yourself with positive results and put your faith in great things. Believe that miracles can happen–even today! All I have ever asked is for you to believe and I will do the rest. Go ahead and let the celebration begin~


Keep expecting to see your hopes coming true and get ready for what was promised to you. I am delivering a big comforting relief and you’ll be saying to yourself, “it finally happened! It finally came!”. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward


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