Love Letters

Making Things Right

A love letter from the Father




I’ve got you and everything will be alright. I will smooth out your troubles and cause beauty to cover the difficulties and pain. Smile and take a deep breath. I am turning your troubles around and making right what was upside down. Covering you is what I do! 


You’ll see immense beauty come from this time, like amber gems that were formed by the resin protecting a pine. The resin pours out to cover the gaps in the bark and protect against the nagging insects attacking the wood.


In a similar way, I will pour out beauty over your struggles and cause you to see blessings emerge from the place of your afflictions and pain. You’ll be covered in beauty in more ways than you can dream, like seeing the cool relief of turquoise-blue larimar jewels in a place of intense pressure and heat. 


I am the One who makes things possible and you’ll be blessed where you were afflicted in more ways than you think. You’ll be adorned with My tangible blessings, like wearing orange sapphires to reveal the fire of love within you coming from Me. 


You’ll be amply covered in dazzling beauty for the times when your patience was tested in the flame. Instead of feeling the intensity of pressing and overwhelming needs, you’ll be adorned with the captivating comeliness of fiery orange vanadinite formed from the arid and rustic environment of the wilderness place. 


Don’t panic and don’t sweat what you are facing. I’ve got this! Things are turning out even better than you dreamed! I am covering you and making things right. Don’t be surprised if things turn around fast–some things may even change overnight! 




Scribed by Dannette Ward




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